Is This the Issue That Finally Causes Bill Maher to Break with Liberals?

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Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the crowd of “Real Time with Bill Maher” being shocked by Maher’s discussion of the “Quiet on Set” documentary about child abuse at Nickelodeon, where he admitted that Ron DeSantis was right about his criticism of Disney for the indoctrination of kids into a LGBTQ woke agenda; Maher and guests Jane Ferguson and Jon Meacham pointing out how the left’s support of pro-Palestine, anti-Israel protests is pushing people away from the Democratic Party; shocking footage of the major escalation at the Columbia university protests that are now openly chanting for the destruction Tel Aviv and the support of Hamas; Jordan Peterson explaining to the Babylon Bee’s Travis about the connection of the whale carcass in Pinocchio to elite educational institutions like Harvard University; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explaining to Mehdi Hasan why progressives shouldn’t abandon Joe Biden over his support for Israel; Riley Gaines’ reaction to the Biden administrations revision of Title IX to protect preferred pronouns and the LGBTQ community; James Lindsay explaining to Sebastian Gorka how LGBT education targeting children is using tactics like exploiting trauma in ways that are similar to a cult; Megyn Kelly finally admiting that she voted for Donald Trump in a furious rant over Biden’s revisions to Title IX; and much more.

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