A Coin Passes Through A Hole Which Is Smaller Than The Coin.

MagicSchoolPublished: April 6, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018133 views
Published: April 6, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018

We're sometimes faced with an interval where nothing much is happening. It's such times that the presenting of a puzzle can fill an awkward pause in conversation.
Here's a puzzle to put to your friends or family. You have a sheet of paper with a hole in the centre. You also have a coin, which is larger than the hole in the paper. The challenge to them is to pass the coin through the hole without tearing the paper, or in any way making the hole bigger than it already is. The video will describe exactly how this can be done. Since the exercise is performed in full view of the audience and they can see how it is accomplished, it can't be classified as a magic trick. Rather, it is a poser for them to ponder over, until you're ready to expose the method. Just a little something to have fun with in a moment of idleness.

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