THEIR TEAMMATE QUIT With $3000 On The Line! So They Ran a 2v2 & Things Went Sideways AGAIN!

1 month ago

Last episode we had a contestant WALK OUT OF THE GYM AND QUIT THE GAME!!! This left us with a few problems to solve: Which Team Does The $3000 Cash Prize Belong To Now? & How do we decide who the 2 wildcard contestants are to see who will play RJ RELOADED to make it into the final 8?

All of these questions will be answered THIS EPISODE!

Today's matchup was a DOGFIGHT, and the more locked in/focused team won. The craziest part is that although they were teammates today, they have to give it ALL THEY HAVE in a 1v1 to move on. Who do you think will win the wildcard game to meet RJ in 2 weeks?!

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this game and the CONTROVERSIAL CALL BY THE REF at the end...

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