🔴Biden HIT with SURPRISE bad news! | US in REAL TROUBLE now!

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At Biden’s age, physical strength and memory, there isn’t a major company in the world that would seriously hire him. How is he still doing so well in polling to remain President of the United States? In the absence of Donald Trump running, who Biden be getting booted from the white house?

Biden inherited a peaceful middle east. We had the Abraham accords. Even after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that region stayed pretty quiet. What has happened under his watch and why?

Biden is spending America into debt at the rate of $1 trillion every 100 days. Does America die by debt or by war? I mean I’m very worried for my three children under the age of 16 being able to afford or enjoy life.

In the past few weeks the white house has destroyed Title 9 for women. They’ve wasted a trillion dollars. Inflation isn’t under control, Democrats just forgave Alejandro Mayorkas of all his crimes on the border, the country is being overrun with illegals, the government just renewed the ability to spy on Americans and leaders seem more concerned with beating Putin than being great for their citizens. How does America survive bad leadership?

I’ve read about government leaders in other countries arresting and jailing or killing their political opponents. I never thought I’d see that in America. Do you believe the government has been weaponized to keep Trump from running an effective presidential campaign?

Tell me about your new book The End of Everything: How Wars Descend into Annihilation

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Biden hit with SUPRISE bad news! | US in REAL TROUBLE now!

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