You are the Branch - Watchmen Radio 4-20-24

2 months ago

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Gag orders that violate the #1A and lawfare persecuting Trump with phony rape charges exactly as told in a Law & Order SVU episode, are how #Democrats want to win 2024

NY red flag laws and gun “rules” are #2A violations

Anyone who has bought any Trump merch or helped him, is on a government list

262,000+ military aged Chinese men now in the USA illegally, ready to vote with perfectly made fake IDs, because they want to steal 2024 also

#China does not want Trump since he will impose tariffs on them, bringing jobs back to the USA, and piling money up in here and not China

Democrats hate God, holiness, freedom

Trump still stands against those that want the USA poor, weak, and covered with illegal aliens

Facebook & Youtube are totalitarian havens of censorship, so dump your accounts. A Trump prayer group got deleted. Facebook knows prayer works.

Biden the diaper filler does the will of Obama, then gets lost on stage after speaking. It’s embarrassing. Democrats only win by cheating, and could never win with paper ballots.

Black community in Chicago getting red-pilled & switching to Trump watching infinite illegal aliens get massive benefits.

Cake bake prayers won’t cut it, and skipping prayer for pizza parties allows Satanic attacks. Be prepared for counter-attacks when you press in, by praising Jesus and confessing God’s promises even more over your life.

“Break off the things that weigh you down, and you will excel.”

Shun distractions which are demonic attacks to divert you from seeking God for favor and excelling.

We prayed for a delusional man, binding & commanding demons to leave, breaking curses, over and over, and now he is in his right mind.


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