Pet Talk With The Pet Doc

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Dr. Mike helps keep your pets happy and healthy. Dr. Mike will tell you about the latest treatments in pet health. We also take your questions about your pets.
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PET SHOW TOPIC Timestamps for 04-20-2024
0:03 AVIAN FLU discussion dog/cat/human
0:08 Chronic EAR infections & use of probiotics or solution
0:15 Update on MICROBIOME testing for disease treatment
0:17 IVERMECTIN for cancer & immunity vs PANACUR
0:33 Translational treatment model from pets to humans
0:39 Cat steals baby food!
0:41 Tick bite disease symptoms in dogs & treatment
0:47 Calming treats for Anxiety: Composure Pro, Calming
Care, CBD HempRX, Solliquin, Homeopathic Aconite.
0:55 Bladder Cancer treatments
1:00 Compassionate care discussions & decision making
Don’t Just Live and Let Live But Live and Help Live
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