🚨DA Fani Willis FREAKS OUT. Could be JAILED or DISBARRED Say Judge Joe Brown!

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Stephen Gardner and Judge Joe Brown discuss the Donald Trump lawsuits. We are only a few days in to this criminal Trial in New York against Donald Trump and DA Alvin Braggs is calling for Trump to be held in contempt of court and jailed. Why is New York being so aggressive towards someone who isn’t a flight risk and it being tried for a misdemeanor that’s been elevated to a felony?

Judge Juan Merchan has some obvious conflicts. His wife’s social media feed picture is Donald Trump in jail and his daughter is a fundraiser for Kamala harris, Joe Biden and Rep. Adam Schiff who perpetuated the fake Russia collusion story against Trump. Will this judge be removed if he won’t recuse himself?

In the case of Trump allegedly defrauding banks and the city of New York with real estate loans, AG Letitia James worked directly with Judge Arthur Engoron to get Trump and fine him $454 million. She’s also actively blocking his bond so he can appeal. Would Ms James also be working behind the scene with Alvin Braggs to get Trump?

What are your thoughts on DA Fani Willis? She suddenly became the focus of this Trump investigation because of her use of local money and federal money and grant money. Also, the love affair with employee Nate Wade. What do you make of her situation and also the Trump case which has kind of become secondary, at least to the public?

Since we last spoke an investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents has conclude and he got away with it scott free. However, Special Counsel Jack Smith continues to push the lawsuit against Trump, trying to use the Espionage Act while forcing Judge Aileen Cannon to drop the protection of the Presidential Records Act. Your thoughts on this situation.

Final question. The house of representatives impeached DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas for allowing between 7-10 million illegal immigrants into the country. Those papers have now been turned over to the senate. Do you think we will see a real trial against Mayorkas or will Democrats band together and keep him because he is one of their own?

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Fani Willis Could be JAILED or DISBARRED says Judge!

DA Fani Willis FREAKS OUT After Judge DEMANDS JAIL TIME As NEW CHARGES Announced Against Her

🚨DA Fani Willis FREAKS OUT. Could be JAILED or DISBARRED Say Judge Joe Brown!

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