Prepare for Another ‘Summer of Love’ - Trumpet Daily | Apr. 19, 2024

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[00:30] A Study in Contrasts (27 minutes)
Joe Biden is stumbling his way through his reelection campaign, making random appearances at gas stations and restaurants and interacting with visibly bored people. Meanwhile, anti-Trump Democrats are gleefully watching Donald Trump’s Manhattan show trial. Though Trump is being prevented from campaigning because of the nonstop lawfare, his popularity is still rising.

[27:00] Summer of Protests (11 minutes)
Columbia students are protesting the Israel-Hamas War, demanding that the U.S. cut its ties with Israel. Will 2024 be another summer of violent protests?

[38:00] WorldWatch (3 minutes)

[41:35] Let God Fight Your Battles (14 minutes)
When faced with trials and troubles, we must look to God to fight for us.

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