Diva Dog Loves Being Pampered With A Fresh Makeup Brush

Published April 5, 2018 24 Plays $0.11 earned

Rumble Let’s be completely honest here, who doesn’t like getting pampered? We are not just talking about massages and expensive treatments here - some like to get nice stuff, other just like to have a nice, warm, homemade meal to feast upon. We all have our moments of pure, undivided satisfaction. But still, when it comes to pampering, it usually means something that absorbs through the skin and brings the bliss further into our souls.

Humans are champions for when it comes to treating themselves good. But if you show them how good it feels, even animals know to ask for some pampering all of their own. And it is our obligation, as their owners, to show them how it is done.

This woman from Jaboticabal, Sao Paulo, Brazil, just got a set of makeup brushes for herself and her sweet Pit bull puppy wanted to investigate them as well. What happened next was just too sweet!

"Saturday morning I received a package from the post office with some makeup brushes. My dog was curious to know what it was, so she climbed up on the sofa with me,” says the woman. “When I opened the package I took one of the brushes out to see what it was, and then she came to smell it and I had the idea to pass the brush on her to see her reaction." What a brilliant idea it was, because as soon as she did, the dog knew exactly what to do with it. Brilliant!

Cats love makeup brushes too! Natasha’s cat Oscar lives by the “treat yourself” life motto so much, that she even has her own makeup routine. With a little help from Natasha, of course!