­čö┤Letitia James GETS HAMMERED By Dan Bongino + Israel Attacks Iran

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In recent news, Israel has initiated retaliatory missile attacks on Iran, signaling a potential escalation of tensions in the region. Meanwhile, Dan Bongino offers insightful commentary on Trump's New York Hush Money case, shedding light on new developments. Additionally, Senator Josh Hawley reveals disturbing details about the tragic death of Laken Riley, attributing it to flaws in border security policies overseen by Alejandro Mayorkas. Concerns about the prioritization of international affairs over domestic issues arise as Republicans criticize House Speaker Mike Johnson's shift in focus from border security to aid for Ukraine.

In response to Johnson's bill, Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene introduces an amendment requiring supporters of Ukrainian aid to enlist in the Ukrainian Military, igniting debate on the issue. President Joe Biden expresses strong support for Johnson's bill, emphasizing solidarity with Ukraine amidst growing tensions with Russia and Iran. However, former President Trump emphasizes the need for European countries to contribute more to Ukraine's aid efforts.

Meanwhile, RFK Jr. faces a familial betrayal as members of the Kennedy family endorse Biden's presidency, highlighting internal divisions within the family. In other news, Isra Hirsi, daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar, faces suspension from Barnard College for her involvement in anti-Israel protests. Vivek Ramaswamy makes bold statements regarding immigration policy and bureaucratic reform, positioning himself as a potential political figure.

Dan Bongino offers scathing criticism of the trial against Trump, questioning its impartiality and legitimacy given the political affiliations of those involved. Reports suggest that Benjamin Netanyahu has launched missile attacks on Iran without Biden's approval, indicating potential discord in diplomatic relations.

Amidst these developments, a heartening story emerges as a Sydney bishop forgives his attacker in a demonstration of compassion and forgiveness. Additionally, a criminal complaint is filed in Michigan against the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems for alleged perjury regarding the reliability of voting machines.

As the news cycle unfolds, viewers are encouraged to stay informed and engaged with ongoing events. Links to further information are provided for those interested in delving deeper into the topics discussed.

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