"A Tot Boy Doesn't Want To Be A Nice Boy"

AFVVirals Published April 5, 2018

Rumble - "Everybody knows that if you want to get a nice Christmas present from Santa, you have to be a good boy or a good girl the whole year. That’s a well-known fact, and nobody will deny it! But, it seems that some kids are willing to give up on their Christmas presents, so they don’t have to be really nice all the time! If you doubt that, check out this video and meet the boy who wants to be naughty! LOL! He is so funny, you really don’t want to miss this video! This adorable tot boy is sitting at the table and talking with his mom and tells her that he wants coal for Christmas, but she tries to reason him and tells him that he doesn’t want coal for Christmas but wants to be a nice boy! Well, not really! He doesn’t want to be a good boy, he wants to be a naughty boy! LOL!"