Husky Puppy Meets His Father For The First Time And It’s Adorable

Published April 5, 2018 220,758 Views $308.20 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFamily gatherings is a nice thing, but nothing beats a family gathering for the first time! Of course we don’t really know what it’s like because our memories doesn’t work from the day we are born but as adults, we - of course - can remember the first day we meet our children, it’s an unforgettable moment.

When a family meets for the first time it’s a sight to be seen, and when this family is a Siberian husky family then it’s not something to be missed at all. In this video we can see this adorable husky puppy, just 7 weeks old, got his first chance to meet his father, which looks exactly like him. Do you know ‘like father like son’? Well, for this cute puppy it’s exactly like that, it’s like he is a smaller version of his father, he has everything from him, and his father can see it clearly.

At first his father doesn’t get really excited and try to be a big boy, while the puppy is looking around trying to understand why are those bigger dogs all around him.
You can see that they all are trying to get familiar to each other, it may just take a little time till they could start fighting and biting like a normal family! In order to get familiar with the space, the pup just walks slowly and sniffs around the room. The moment he realizes the presence of his dad, he circles around his dad in a playful manner, trying to get to know him better.

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