Perspectives of the WHO: From Advisory Body to World Government? | Apr. 19

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Review of pandemic management and the protection of health, freedom and national sovereignty.

9.00-13.00 CEST: Review of pandemic management: evidence of mistakes not to be repeated

- Prof. Jay Bhattacharya - COVID management: Great Barrington Declaration and censorship of scientific information
- Dr. Meryl Nass - The World Health Organization + biological warfare agenda: What can we do?
- Dr. Norman Fenton - The illustration of efficacy and safety for vaccines and other public health interventions
- Dr. Alberto Donzelli - COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Turns Negative: quantifying vaccine adverse effects and associated mortality
- Dr. Katarina Lindley - WHO is your doctor?
- Sen. Ralph Babet - Inquiry into excess mortality in Australia in association with COVID-19 vaccine campaigns
- Lawyer Liz Gunn - Excess mortality in New Zealand in association with COVID-19 vaccine campaigns
- Prof. Masanori Fukushima - Vaccination mRNA for COVID-19 and unprecedented disaster: acute death and increased cancer mortality rate

14.00-18.00 CEST: WHO Pandemic agreement and IHR: protecting health, freedom and national sovereignty

- Prof. Eduardo Missoni - ‘The Capture of the Regulator’: why not approve changes to WHO instruments?
- Dr. Meryl Nass - The risks of the new Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the WHO International Heath Regulations
- Prof. Wellington Oyibo - Critic of the WHO’s planned pandemic measures for Africa
- Catherine Austin Fitts - Global financial scenario, CBDC and digital control grid
- Hon. Rob Roos - The relationship between the European Union and the WHO
- Sen. Thomas Pressly - Has Louisiana started the domino effect?
- Sen. Ron Johnson - Message to freedom fighters to defend national and individual health sovereignty
- Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg - The WHO and the abuse of conferred power
- Sen. Claudio Borghi
- Short speeches on freedom of expression, information, open scientific comparisons and censorship

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