The Stern American Show - Steve Stern with Gregory Stenstrom, Co-author of “The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception

2 months ago

Season 3 Episode 6 - Gregory Stenstrom, a poll watcher who witnessed election fraud in the 2020 election, talks to Steve Stern about serious election security issues and warns the American people about the consequences of not voting and not paying attention to our election process.

Gregory Stenstrom is Co-Founder of Patriot.Online, a digital privacy ecosystem and social media platform. He is a recognized corporate executive, technology leader, and data scientist with a reputation in industry as a formidable problem solver who distills complexity into actionable simplicity. As a US Naval Officer, he served in Commanding and Executive Officer roles in Special Warfare and Special Operations. He holds a BS from the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD.

Leah Hoopes is an author, business owner, election integrity investigator, public speaker, Republican committee woman and Patriot. She previously worked as a licensed physical therapy assistant. As a Krav Maga instructor and practitioner, she devotes substantial time to training women in self-defense both physically, and emotionally. She has become increasingly well-known and recognized as a highly effective political activist, who develops strategic and tactical plans, and recruits experts and advocates to execute those plans.

Mr. Stenstrom, and Mrs. Leah Hoopes, co-authored “The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception” detailing the election fraud in Delaware County, PA, they witnessed that was replicated in key counties and swing states to alter the November 2020 presidential election. They are plaintiffs in the only remaining election fraud cases in Pennsylvania - and now the US - from the November 2020 general election, and known for their testimony in Gettysburg, PA, viewed by millions around the world.

Initially viciously “debunked,” quashed, sued and sanctioned for being "contemptible, frivolous, vexatious,” and having “unclean hands" for challenging the "most secure election in history," they fought back, "Pro Se" (represented themselves), and have successfully overcome overwhelming odds to expose the massive election fraud they witnessed.


Co-founder Patriot.Online. Corporate executive, data scientist, naval officer, technologist, and security expert.

"Do not cry havoc, where you should but hunt with modest warrant."

"When your enemy is making mistakes, let them."

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