Faith & Freedom: Mike Huckabee, David “Nino” Rodriguez, Christie Hutcherson, & Kathy DeGraw

1 month ago

Prepare for a riveting show with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee highlighting a disturbing story about a Little Rock home raided by ATF agents, followed by Heavyweight Boxing Champion David “Nino” Rodriguez shedding light on border security concerns and what it means for Americans. Geopolitical expert Christie Hutcherson joins to address the need to activate the Constitution and stand up for freedom, and finally author and podcaster Kathy DeGraw delves into spiritual warfare and the power of spoken prayer. Stick around until the end for a big announcement you don’t want to miss!

[2:04] Shemane introduces the former Arkansas Governor and host of Huckabee, Mike Huckabee to discuss the importance of standing up for America; a disturbing story about a Little Rock home raid by ATF agents; similarities between the ATF's actions and the FBI's shooting of the Weaver's family; the lack of evidence and excessive use of force; questions over why police didn't identify themselves

[13:38] Shemane welcomes back her friend and former HeavyWeight Boxing Champion David “Nino” Rodriguez to discuss security concerns at US-Mexico border; US facing engineered implosion by using immigrants as proxies; how the timing of events suggests imminent attack on US; the endgame; Mike Tyson's upcoming fight with Jake Paul; the prevalence of fixed fights in boxing; the role of athletes in modern society; where you can follow Nino

[24:14] Shemane welcomes Christie Hutcherson, a geopolitical security expert and founder of Women Fighting for America to highlight border and national security; concern about terrorists entering the US undetected and the lack of security under the Biden administration; the presence of terrorist groups in Central and South America; the need to activate the Constitution and stand up for freedom; Illegal immigrants replacing US voices, jobs, and values; how Women Fighting for America provides training and resources for individuals to engage in the battle

[36:09] Shemane introduces author of “Prophetic Spiritual Warfare” and podcast host Kathy DeGraw about spiritual warfare; spiritual warfare as unseen or unknown realms controlled by the Holy Spirit; the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit for spiritual warfare and prayer; Kathy shares her personal experience of inviting the Holy Spirit into her life for guidance and strength; Shemane shares insights on the power of spoken prayer; where you can follow Kathy DeGraw

[46:09] Shemane announces how you can join her new two-week training program with coaching calls, workouts, a community of support, and so much more

Mike Huckabee –

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