This Mama Bear Took Her Cubs For A Pool Swim

Published April 5, 2018 24,398 Plays $46.06 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsWhat do you do when those searing temperatures hit? You hit the fans, the ACs, the cold beverages and ice chips. It is fairly easy for us humans; all we need to do is get wet and stand in the shade. With animals, however, it may not be so simple. Especially with wild animals.

This video was shot during the scorching heat wave that hit the States back in 2010. A mama black bear took her three tiny bear cubs for a cool down in Justin Hoffman’s backyard and his inflatable pool.

From what we can tell, the animal was probably scouting the area for quite some time, because she knew right away how to get to the cool water inside. We are also profoundly amazed at how gentle she is with the structure, not puncturing her once with her long claws.

Her cubs are all around the backyard: one in the play house, one underneath it in the shade, while the third one is braving it out and following sweet mama towards the pool. The cub does not take another second; it just jumps up and takes a quick plunge in the water. Its siblings are quick to follow suite, while mama keeps a watchful eye.

Here’s what Justin had to say about this incredible encounter: “This video is very RARE. Please watch the whole video carefully because It's amazing how the mother interacted with her cubs. I did not call the game commission, and no bears were harmed. These bears were simply using the pool to cool off during a 2 week heat wave.”


  • debdeb, 2 years ago

    Bears always seem to find the homes with these kinds of pools. I hope ya'll got some use out of it before this! You're gonna need a new one...or a LOT of patches! They sure had fun!!

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