KMS LIVE | April 18, 2024 - Two Weeks From Yesterday

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Blind Mike and Mut are in studio as Kirk questions the producers on why they thought the show started at 9:00. (4:50) Recapping Mick's performance from Tuesday. (10:00) Gregg Doyel made some weird remarks to Caitlin Clark in her presser yesterday. (17:00) Mut recaps his eclipse trip. (23:20) An ESPN article revealed that Kraft may have been the reason Belichick lost out on the coaching job in Atlanta. (32:30) NFL Draft talk. (38:10) Kirk asks Mut about the potential of working for Barstool. (51:50) Jeff D. Lowe calls in with an enticing Dozen opportunity for Mut if he worked at Barstool. (55:30) Mut lists his recent employers. (01:01:50) Mut and Kirk go through their recent texts with each other. (01:08:50) Pat Gilroy calls in to join KMSN. (01:14:50) Justin recaps his night at Gus'. (01:16:50) Mut goes through his show notes. (01:19:10) Kirk reveals he and Riggs had a bumpy week in Chicago. (01:25:20) Klemmer is started to be hated within Barstool. (01:26:10) Kirk gives his stock up/stock down from mini golf. (01:36:50) Movie news. (01:52:50) Coleman whiffs on another simple sports question.

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