They Are Censoring & Silencing Us

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1 month ago

The employment relations authority demand the takedown of all of Barry Young's content on our platform, otherwise they are threatening Liz Gunn, FreeNZ & NZ Loyal with 3 months in prison, huge fines and losing all of our equipment!

Censorship and Tyranny is alive and well in NZ . .

This was recorded, Wednesday the 17th April. We are being forced to remove the Barry Young content from our platform. We have no choice in the matter. I thank the FreeNZ team and the NZ Loyal candidates for your support in our discussions about the right path forward. Your support of truth means everything to me.

Write to Christopher Luxon:

*For those that are wanting to donate or support in some way, thank you. It will likely go towards legal costs for Liz's upcoming trial against the NZ police from her assault in Feb 2023. We have the following donation options. We don't have a bank option currently:
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