Iran Tries To Restore Balance; Israel Continues To Murder And Get Away With Murder

1 month ago

HARD TRUTH’S David Vance and ilana Mercer have a heated discussion about Iran’s April 13 & 14 response to Israel’s murder of senior commanders in Damascus, April 1. Ilana details Israel’s lengthy illegal, immoral and extra-judicial assassination program against Iranian civilians and military for decades, coupled as it is with Israeli cyberterrorism ongoing against Iran’s infrastructure and state apparatus. All this occurs against the backdrop of a USA-led brutal program of sanctions and embargoes, and Israel’s US-backed barbarism in Gaza and the West Bank. .
Both agree that the Israel First neocons have always aimed at regime change in Iran.
David, however, pushes back on and suggests that darker forces are deliberately pushing global chaos. He suggests that war was wanted with Russia and now war with Iran is being provoked. The US/NATO axis of evil has its DNA all over this – as has the corrupt Netanyahu regime. David and ilana also agree that it was Netanyahu who terrorised his own people with Covid jabs from his Pfizer pals.


DAVID VANCE is one of the most outspoken, fearless political commentators in the UK and bears the scars for it! Having built large social media platforms across the likes of X/Twitter, Gettr, Gab, Rumble, Youtube , he has a significant share of media voice. In recent times, he has co-hosted major live political discussions on stage in London with leading thinkers and has plans to further develop this concept.
He and ilana mercer have joined forces to create the punch-in-the-gut HARD TRUTH channel.
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CONNECT WITH ILANA: Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. Her new book is ‘The Paleolibertarian Guide To Deep Tech, Deep Pharma & The Aberrant Economy’(February, 2024). She’s the author of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa” (2011)), and other books. Mercer is described as “a system-builder. Distilled, her modus operandi has been to methodically apply first principles to the day’s events.”
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