🚨WARNING! NYC Gives Migrants 30 Days To VACATE | HUGE Trump Jail Update!

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- New York City faces a potential crisis as thousands of illegal immigrants are informed they will be removed from free housing in luxury hotels, potentially leading to unrest.
- Israel announces plans for an imminent attack on Iran, escalating tensions in the region.
- Whistleblowers from the Washington DC National Guard are set to testify about delays in deployment during the January 6 Capitol riot, suggesting political motivations behind the actions of Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy.
- The Pentagon disputes claims that Iran's attack on Israel was merely symbolic, emphasizing the intention to cause civilian casualties.
- House Speaker Mike Johnson introduces legislation seeking separate votes on Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and a proposed TikTok ban, prompting controversy among Democrats.
- Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses Alejandro Mayorkas of treason, alleging his involvement in funding NGOs linked to election meddling.
- Donald Trump's criminal trial faces challenges in jury selection, with accusations of witness intimidation emerging.
- Trump's popularity among black voters reportedly increases amid ongoing trials.
- Concerns rise over the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party in supporting companies linked to manufacturing and exporting fentanyl.
- New data suggests Trump is gaining ground in Virginia, potentially impacting future electoral outcomes.

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