Talk Truth 04.17.24 - Leighton Grey

2 months ago

In today’s episode, we're joined by Leighton Grey, a powerhouse in legal advocacy who’s been championing the rights of the unvaccinated. Leighton brings us up to date on a transformative class action lawsuit that's been gaining traction, now with nearly 5,000 individuals on board, against the federal government for the treatment of unvaccinated citizens.
We delve into the intense topic of government overreach with Grey’s critical insights. The threat of vaccine mandates, privacy invasions, and the potential criminalization of religious expression are on the table as Leighton points out the sobering reality of bills like C-367 and C-63. Leighton doesn't shy away from discussing possible global implications and the concerning patterns aligning with a dystopian future akin to China's social credit system.

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