Snake Likes To Crawl On Guy's Face And Look Into The Camera

FunnyPetVideosPublished: April 4, 2018702 views
Published: April 4, 2018

It is known that pets make life better and more peaceful. They say the world is divided by cat lovers and dog lovers. However, some people think that owning a cat or a dog it too mainstream and want to share their love with some other animals. Like, let's say, snakes. Snakes are fascinating animals and with regular handling, most of them can be quite tame as pets. Would you consider a snake as a pet?

This guy has a snake as a pet, and by the looks of the video, he seems like he is really having fun with it! He has a green snake and s we can see the snake really loves to creep over to the camera from guys face and around his face! Well, that's how close they are! Maybe future human-animals friendship goals? Do you find this creepy or adorable?

Snakes are fascinating creatures and providing they are treated with respect, will come to trust their owners and enjoy coming out of their tanks to explore and interact with people. If you have allergies to cats, dogs or birds, snakes are a perfect choice for a pet! Some people really are not afraid of snakes? Like these two brave kids. These amazing smart little sister and brother catch big snakes using oil tank with water pipe. Are you still afraid of snakes after seeing this video or maybe you started seeing them as pets?

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