This Kitty Is Getting Curious About A Frog

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Published: April 4, 2018

Cats are natural hunters and they love stalking and even eating a living prey. That equals to trouble for your feline friend if he chews on something poisonous. So you should take more care of your kitty, especially if you live in a tropical area of the world. Watch this cat playing with a toad she found in her backyard.

This video was captured by the owner of this kitty and it happened on May 13, 2017, in Richmond, Ontario, Canada. The owner said: "After much rain last spring, we found a frog in our backyard. Our cat took a shine to it and followed it around. We caught the moment when she tried to kiss the frog."

This frog belongs to the family Bufonidae and it is called a True Toad. They are toothless and generally warty in appearance. Most frogs have glands that contain alkaloid poisons that can cause different effects. Some toads are more toxic than others and they can cause problems if your pet interacts with them.

With their predatory instincts, it is common for dogs and cats to catch toads in their mouths. Toads will release toxins when they feel threatened and that can be really poisonous for your pets. Even though cats generally know what they should and shouldn’t eat, they can be easily driven by their curiosity.
Watch this video of a cat trying to figure out what that strange looking creature in her backyard is…maybe licking will help, who knows! Comment and share if you like this video!

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