Young Girl Doing Back Handsprings Crashes Into Patio Furniture

AFVPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

As someone who played sports but would not consider themselves acrobatic, gymnastics, or anyone who can flip, is always impressive. This little girl is equally impressive and embarking on a fail journey. Both are good for me.

This young girl does an impressive number of back handsprings in a row! We counted at least 13…

My dad used to be a gymnast, so I’ve seen a number of gymnastics competitions and even the basic handspring is judged fairly rigorously. A perfect standing handspring would involve the gymnast standing straight up, with flat fleet and arms in front at an angle slightly above 90 degrees. During the jump their head has to be in a neutral position, arms and legs straight and feet together. The landing needs to be with the arms high salute and with no additional steps. Generally, the handspring is used in gymnastics routines as a set up to other movements including somersaults, tucks, flips or rounders. This is because the gymnast’s hands produce a “spring” that gives them momentum for other stunts.

Well, 12 and a half. The last flip does not quite make it! Oops!

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