Family Creates Mini-Avalanche Trying To Clear Snow Off Roof

AFVPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

In some areas of the country, you have to remove snow from your roof because the buildup can be dangerous for you and your house.

The entire family is on this roof attempting to kick the snow off of it…

We have lived in areas that get snow during the winter, and some areas that don’t, but we have never lived somewhere that snow on the roof of a building could become hazardous. So, out of curiosity we looked how much snow the average home can withstand. As it turns out, quite a bit! According to one article we looked at, most roofs, assuming they’ve been decently maintained, can withstand up to 20 pounds per square foot of snow. So, 10-inches of fresh snow equates to about five pounds per square foot. This means that the average roof can hold up to four feet of fresh snow. Anything higher than four feet and your roof starts to strain against the weight of the snow pile.

I don’t know whose bright idea this was but it is NOT going to work out the way they thought!

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