Small Dog Does Not Like Being Told He Has Fleas

AFVPublished: April 4, 2018
Published: April 4, 2018

Summer is coming and that is primetime flea season for dogs and cats. And they are constantly at war with one another.

Usually, we describe the videos a bit, but this time we thought we would offer some flea information and advice. You’ll know that your dog might have fleas if they are constantly chewing or scratching themselves. There are a couple of methods to actually check for fleas. You can comb through their hair and look yourself, but on darker colored dogs this might be harder. Or you can use the dirt method. Have your dog sit on a piece of white paper or cloth and briskly brush sections of their back or chest. If they have fleas, black flecks that look like dirt should fall on the paper. Afterwards, wet the paper or cloth. If the dirt turns red or rust-colored your pet has fleas. If not, then it is mostly just dirt and they need a bath.

My dog is allergic to fleas so we really have to keep on top of him. We recommend the flea collars or pills. I also use a herbal shampoo that is supposed to repel fleas. Since we started using it, it appears to work. You can check with our vet for potential options. If you do have a serious flea problem with your house, it is recommended you contact a pest control professional. Also remember to frequently vacuum or clean bedding, carpets and furniture during flea season.

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