🔥’An Agenda To Kill’ Dr. Shankara Chetty On Why He Believes COVID Shots Were MEANT To Depopulate🔥

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Dr. Shankara Chetty was one of the VERY first medical doctors in the world to treat patients for COVID 19. He describes how he saw patients in his South African village in a tent outside of his office and effectively treated over 14,000 cases with ZERO hospitalizations. He went on to train hundred of doctors across the globe and is now being persecuted by the South African Medical Board for his statements about COVID and the vaccines.

Watch this STUNNING interview where he methodically lays out WHY he believes the COVID shots were part of an agenda to depopulate the globe and decide for yourself!

Read about the full story HERE:

Follow Dr. Chetty on Twitter: @ShankaraChetty
SUPPORT Dr. Chetty HERE: https://www.drshankarachetty.com

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