Cockapoo adamantly attempts to bury bone in blanket

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Published: April 4, 2018Updated: April 5, 2018

Meet Murphy, an adorable ten month old black Cockapoo filled with energy, love and friendliness. Murphy has an outgoing personality and is very intelligent at the same time. This normally leads to amusing behaviour and Murphy hardly ever fails to entertain. One of Murphy’s favourite activities is burying and hiding his treasures around the outside of the house. These treasures will range from bones to the majority of his toys. Never has Murphy attempted to bury anything inside the house. It was an early cool winters evening and Murphy’s owner Sarah, was sitting outside when she suddenly heard a noise coming from the lounge area. She immediately knew Murphy was busy with something and went inside to take a closer look.

Sarah makes her way to the couch and finds Murphy adamantly attempting to bury his bone inside the brown blanket lying on the couch. The nights were getting colder and Sarah took out this brown blanket for the first time so she and Murphy could snuggle under the blanket while watching TV. Murphy had different plans for this newly discovered blanket. He is clearly fascinated by this brown blanket and sees it for a pile of soil or dirt. The bone is lying on top of the blanket in the corner of the couch. He proceeds to shovel the blanket with his nose, ploughing it forward just like a pile of dirt. Once he manages to cover the bone, his imaginary dirt would then just fall back like sand and uncover his bone all over again. Murphy starts again to shovel and pile his imaginary dirt onto the bone, only for the blanket to move back again to its original stretched position.

This Cockapoo was determined to turn this challenge into a success. He continued adorably to bulldoze his newly found pile of “soil’. This made for amusing and entertaining viewing. At the end Sarah asks Murphy what he is doing. He responds with giving his bone one last lick. Looking a little shy, Murphy left his bone burying activities and moved outside for a well-deserved rest.

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