Two Brothers Tear Up Over Surprise Trip To Disneyland

Published April 4, 2018 3,169 Plays $4.80 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWhat kid wouldn’t want to visit Disneyland? After all, it is dubbed “the happiest place on Earth”. Getting to see all your favorite characters and getting on all those rides is almost every child’s greatest dream! Other than “school is cancelled” and “you can have chocolate for dinner”, “we are going to Disneyland” is the sentence that throws every kid into a screaming frenzy.

Exhibit A: these two brothers were called down into the salon for a quick word with dad. Downstairs, the father is waiting for his boys with the camera on, while a packed suitcase and two Mickey Mouse backpacks await the boys, along with the t-shirts that say “Look out Disney, here we come”. Surprise!

The first one to arrive is the eldest son, albeit a little drowsy. After all, mom had just pulled him out of bed to tell him that dad wants to have a word with him and his baby brother. As soon as the kid arrives in the living room, all of a sudden he is wide awake, having his eyed laid on the obvious hint of mom and dad’s plans.

“What is…” says the kid when he sees stuff packed up, but then realization dawns on him and he puts his hands on his head, unable to handle it. “Oh my, we are going to Disney?” the kid exclaims, tears of joy already pooling up in his eyes. His little brother was a little bit less emotional, but he was still very happy that they will finally get to go! Their little sister has no idea what is happening, but it is still the most adorable trio we have ever seen!

We really hope they had the time of their lives.