Airsoft Bolt M4 and a Toaster - Scotland

1 month ago

Scottish gameplay featuring many goodies including a Bolt B4, you might wonder where the toaster comes into this, but honestly a Toaster is seen in this video. There were just over 100 people taking part in this game which was recorded at Section8, Scotland 2024. Recorded by scoutthedoggie using a GoPro Hero9 camera, edited on Apple iMac, using Apple iMovie. Airsoft is a game, for many it's a social event, it helps with fitness and has positive mental health benefits, at this site you can come play, have a laugh, meet many new friends and sit having lunch in a beautiful Scottish forest which covers over 1000 acres and at the end of the day you will leave exhausted but motivated.

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Come play Here, were are a very inclusive group, all are welcome.
Section8 Glasgow -

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