Is Vaccine Shedding Real? We Break Down the Evidence

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Main stream medical professionals are quick to tell you that Vaccine Shedding from the Covid vaccinations is impossible. We are being told by the same "professionals" that insist the MRNA Messenger Vaccine is safe, that shedding only occurs through live attenuated vaccines, and it doesn't apply to The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines that are mRNA COVID vaccines. The problem is I don't believe these so called "medical professionals" that have been proven to not only be wrong, but have lied about the effectiveness and dangers of the mRNA vaccines.

My goal is to bring truth, so we ask one of the worlds foremost experts on COVID and the mRNA jabs, Dr. Peter McCullough about shedding and it's potential dangers. We also discuss the emergence of "The Bird Flu" and Measles, as well as the potential to weaponize those illnesses for political gain.

I blame academic medicine, the researchers, for "stonewalling" the truth when it comes to all of these issues. Why is it that academic medicine has "fallen in line" with everything the corrupt federal regulators like the FDA, CDC and NIH are pushing? We put this question to Dr. McCullough.

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