Guess Who Has Awoken The Inner Dog With This Game Of Fetch?

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Rumble / Cats & KittensThey say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but this cat unleashes a very well-trained inner dog as she repeatedly plays fetch with her owner. Is this common cat behavior or is it something truly unique?

Contrary to popular belief, cats are quite trainable. It might not be the same as training an easy-going dog, but it is possible. Auri the cat has recently started playing fetch with a small piece of knitted wool. Maybe Auri was raised by dogs! Watch the video!

The owner of the cute calico cat gives the command “psst”. The cat is sitting on the table, very much focused on the piece of knitted wool and very likely to obey. We do not usually get this impression of engagement and readiness in cats, because we are normally used to expecting the same thing from dogs and dog behavior when we see videos of trained animals. The cute calico jumps after the bait and after a few nibs and llicks, Auri returns the wool to the exhilarated owner. Amazing!

In some ways, training cats is similar to dogs with treats, rewards and practice. However, there are some differences even within that. Unlike dogs who can take some punishment training (though positive works better), cats get stressed out by punishment which causes problem behaviors. You don’t want that. So the best method for cats is reward-based training. Unlike your dog who will accept his kibble as a treat, cats a little fancier and need better treats. Diced chicken, turkey, cat treats, etc. Also, unlike dogs, you can only really train for cats for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. You’ll need to repeat the routine over a few days if you really want it to sink in. Clicker training is also a good way to train cats as it eventually cuts down on their treat eating.


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