KMS LIVE | April 16, 2024 - Not A Bad Person, Bad Brother

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Mick and Brother Al join Kirk in studio as they attempt to work out their family issues. (3:00) Brother Al talks about Paulie The Python. (4:20) Mick and Al begin to go at it. (7:00) Mick talks about his break up. (15:40) Al discusses when Mick had to bartend his wedding. (24:10) Al brought notes. (27:50) Al reveals he is going to be a dad soon. (30:10) Mick thinks Al is a bad tipper. (32:50) Mick took too long to tie his shoes. (40:10) Kirk talks about his own relationship with his brothers. (46:50) Mick and Al reflect on Mick's best man speech. (01:02:20) John Sterling calls in. (01:10:20) Al attacks Mick's cleanliness. (01:13:20) Al discusses his relationship with Christian. (01:24:20) Mick doesn't think Al is a bad person, just a bad brother. (01:31:30) Mick's favorite song should not be Chasing Cars. (01:39:00) Al talks about what his therapist thinks about Mick. (01:45:40) Al has questions for Kirk about being a first time father. (01:52:30) Kirk has a Mut update. (01:57:05) Kirk tells Mick he is next-in-line to be producer. (02:03:35) Steve Robinson was featured on CBS Morning News. (02:15:30) Gus and Network talk.

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