BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/16/2024 Removing Electronic Voting Machines & Real History

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9am Lawful Defense with John Tater. We are going in a new direction or creating documents to use in removing electronic machines at a local level and putting together a network of people who are willing to go to their local governments to instruct them on how we want our elections to be run, using the law. We studying the law, lawful process and the Constitution. Know the law and use the law - using the law to defend yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar

10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school.
Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life.
“All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.”
– Courtenay Turner

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Guests: Donna Brandenburg, John Tatar, Courtenay Turner

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