Could You Survive in a Roman Frontier Fort?

1 month ago

Step back into the first century AD with Survive History as we explore the challenges faced by Roman soldiers on the frontier of the Empire. In this immersive episode, filmed at a meticulously reconstructed Roman fort on the Welsh border, we explore the daily life of a Roman soldier.

With the help of volunteers from the Roman Military Research Society, we ask whether you could survive serving in a remote outpost on the edge of ‘barbaricum’. From the secrets of Roman military training, to the intricacies of Roman weapons and armour, we discover what made the Roman army such a successful force on the battlefield. We also experience the power of Roman ranged weapons, from the bow to the ballista.

We learn about the differences between Roman legionaries and auxiliaries, discover what Roman soldiers ate, and how they dealt with terrifying barbarian foes like Sarmatian horse archers. And we find out what it takes to construct a full-size first century Roman fort from the build team at Park in the Past - a truly unique construction project.

So the question is, could you survive as a soldier on the Roman frontier?

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