Trump Trial Circus Begins, and Biden Chaos Consequences, w/ Dershowitz, Greenwald, Pollak & Hammer

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Megyn Kelly begins the show discussing the unprecedented moment in America as former President Donald Trump goes on trial in NYC, the anticipated “media circus,” the mockery of our legal system coming to light, the unprecedented moment worldwide as Iran attacks on Israel, whether the Biden administration is responsible for chaos in the region, and more. Then Noah Pollak, Free Beacon contributor, and Glenn Greenwald, host of Rumble's "System Update," join to discuss the true scope of Iran's military capabilities, whether Iran’s attack on Israel will lead to a larger escalation of war in region, the consequences of President Biden’s foreign policy chaos, whether America should be less involved with Israel’s conflicts in the Middle East, the reasons Iran hates the United States, and more. Then Alan Dershowitz, author of "Get Trump," and Josh Hammer, host of the "America on Trial" podcast, join to discuss the details of the absurd Trump “hush money” case, why we'll see a very biased jury pool, what the ideal juror would look like, the truth about the faulty legal theory connecting hush money and campaign expenditures that's key to the Trump case, the “R-rated” trial content ahead, whether Donald Trump will take the stand in the “hush money” trial, Trump's statements in court vs. court of public opinion, and more.


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