A Lady Is Getting Loads Of Slobbery Kisses By A Buffalo

AFVPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

When we are in our cars we feel like we are in a sanctuary, expecting that powerful steel construction to keep us safe at all times. We believe that nothing can get to us, which in most cases is true, but, as in this case, if and only if you keep your doors locked and your windows rolled up.

In this video, a lady is visiting some sort of animal sanctuary with her family. Driving around, they come to think it would be a great idea to roll through with their windows down. But, lo and behold, a buffalo decides to get a little comfortable. He slicks his tongue inside the car window and licks and licks the lady in the passenger seat and of course, she is terrified and a little grossed out. Try as she might she cannot escape her fate without making hasty and unexpected motions out of surprise or fear that this could enrage the one tone animal. The only thing she can do is laugh and scream, recoiling in disgust. She obviously was not prepared to receive loads of slobbery kisses all over her face! Maybe next time, she will keep in mind to always set the car windows up.

What is going on with animals trying to get up close and personal with us humans anyway? Perhaps, they find us sweet, just as we did this loving buffalo in the video. You may stop licking your screens now.

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