đź”´CRITICAL ALERT! Iran & Putin Tell Israel and US to BACK DOWN | UN Warns US Not To protect Israel

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Colonel Tony Shaffer- I want read a quote from General Wesley Clark about Iran and Israel. He said, “Israel is not going to trust the United States if Iran strikes. It can’t, because look at what’s happening in Gaza right now with the pressure between the United States and Israel.” And “Iran has to feel like they’re kind of winning right now. They’ve got the United States and Israel at odds, Hamas has survived, you’ve got the whole world down on the Israelis for what’s gone on in Gaza. This was part of the plan.”

There is a lot to unpack. First is this part of a greater plan to create a regional war in the middle east again?

Israel is losing the PR war. General Clark says Hamas walked them into this trap.

Today I’m reading Biden called for a meeting with the G7 leaders. However, the UN is demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and for the US to bow out and stop helping Israel.

Why is Biden having such a hard time deciding whom to support? It feels as though he’s trying to support and fund both sides of the war. Biden is saying US support for Israel is Ironclad now after the attack he says he won’t support a retalitation of Israel on Iran.

Will this escalate further or did Iran just need to display a show of force?

President Putin is telling the US to stay out and seek for peace. He’s also said Russia will back Iran if the United States attacks Iran in Israel’s defense. Thoughts?

I’m told Biden and the Pentagon have held private meetings that the US is being set up to be drawn into a war. Will they avoid it or still fall into this trap?

What do you think Israel’s next move will be. What do you think Iran’s next move will be and what will US next move be?

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