Displeased Possum Squeals At A Man

AFVPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

Possums are wild and nocturnal animals. They eat native bushes and destroy the ecosystems, so that’s why most people are not fond of them. They are pretty gentle creatures, but in rare situations, they will attack, especially when they have to defend something. The funny thing is, possums have only two lines of defense- either they will attack you or they will play dead. Take a look at this annoyed possum in a sink making weird sounds to a man that’s filming him. Hilarious!

Possums, or Opossums to those averse to being economical with syllables, are North America’s only marsupial, the family of pouched mammal otherwise unique to the Australian continent. Truth be told, they’re also a little scary. With their beady little eyes, and a threatening snout full of sharp teeth, it’s borderline shocking so many Americans own these animals as pets. But hey, we at AFV are not here to judge anyone’s creature companion habits. No, we’re here to get freaked out by some unsettling possum noises.

A man finds a possum in his slop sink, and neither one of them is too happy about it. Everyone knows possums do not belong in slop sinks; where’s the man supposed to put all his slop? They belong in the forest, in their burrows, or wherever. And yet here we are.

At first, the man is surprised by the fact that this unwelcome possum has infiltrated his beloved slop sink, and he’s immediately startled with the first of many horrific sounds he made. Imagine hearing that in the dark and not knowing what that was… scary, right?

Watch this video of a displeased possum caught in a sink slop by a man and see his reaction! It’s incredibly funny!

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