Dog Performs Classic Rock Jam

AFV Published April 3, 2018 324 Plays

Rumble Some dogs are just born with musical souls. As soon as the radio comes on, they’re bobbing their heads, moving their feet, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, singing along. Sure, not every pup has an Aretha Franklin level set of pipes, or even a Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears, but it sure is fun when a dog loses itself in song. This is especially true when the tune is canine themed.

This dog sits in a parked car, rocking out to Warren Zevon.

He gets a little help from his owner, sure, but this pup is straight crooning. The brilliance in his performance is in the subtlety. Each time he’s a little late to howl, allowing the underlying recording to set the pace, while contributing just enough to make it his.