A Pigeon Palooza Follows A Young Boy For Food

ViralHog Published April 3, 2018 11 Plays $0.03 earned

Rumble The humble pigeon is the most common animal we see every single day. Feathered denizens with whom we share our cities, suburbs and if they are lucky, occasional breadcrumbs. The boy in this video decided to feed the pigeons, but it all went wrong when they started following him everywhere!

A mother, her son and his Nana went on a cruise stop in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The little boy saw a bunch of pigeons walking across the courtyard and had an idea to feed them. He saw a lady that was selling food, so he asked his Nana to buy him one bag. When she did, the youngster started giving food to the birds.

This funny moment occurred on March 26, 2018, in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The mother who filmed the birds as they trailed her son, said: "While on a cruise stop in Old San Juan, we came across a courtyard with a ton of pigeons. My son saw a lady selling food, so his Nana bought him a bag."

As the boy was throwing food on the ground, a very large group of pigeons followed him everywhere he went, in hope of getting more of it. The mom laughed as she saw her son panicking after birds started landing on his shoulder. She told him to give the birds the whole bag, but he refused and continued running away from them!

Watch this hilarious video clip of a boy being afraid when a large group of pigeons starts to follow him for the bag of food he carries!