Jig for Unscrewing a Bottle Cap

RecyclingOT Published April 3, 2018 12 Plays

Rumble My client has difficulty unscrewing tight bottle caps since his right side is weak. I made this jig by cutting the side of a cube shaped container so that the side lays flat on the table. He is able to place his right arm on top of this to stabilize the jig. He needs to push the bottle into the hole using a lot of force and he is really strong since he uses that left side all the time. The bottle does NOT wiggle as he unscrews the cap. He has the option of

1) placing a straw into the bottle and drinking with it inside the jig or
2) removing the bottle after screwing the cap back on loosely.
This really is a great way for him to practice using his right arm to assist and maybe it will eventually get stronger.

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