Cat Dad Fakes His Death To See What His Kitty Would Do, Doesn’t Expect Reaction As This

Published April 3, 2018 1 Plays

Rumble From day one, when a new pet arrives at our home, it becomes a member of the family, and we absolutely love them. The same thing, naturally, occurred with Sparta the kitty – a 10-year-old Bengal mix who was rescued during the summer of 2007.

Sparta may appear as an atypical cat – he loves playing fetch, wrestling, stalking, and being held like an infant. Because he likes cuddling a lot, his human one time questioned himself: <em>“How would me kitty react if I unexpectedly died?”</em> To discover this, he chose to pretend he was dead in front of Sparta and learn the way he would respond. Fortunately, he recorded all of it on video, so we are able to enjoy this invaluable experience as well.

Scroll down and take a look for yourself!

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