Dog Jumps From Top Of Slide To Tackle Kid

AFV Published April 3, 2018 241 Plays

Rumble Playgrounds are always fun whether as a kid, teenager, adult or even a four-legged pet. The family in this video are hanging out on one of large pieces of playground equipment at their local park.

Some dogs hate slides, but this pup loves them and wants to ride them with his owner…

Did you know that playgrounds are almost 160 years old? Of course, the idea of playgrounds is a bit older than that but not by much. The first playground was built in Manchester, England in 1859. They were originally conceived of as a way to teach children to play safely and fairly with one another. The United States would not see a playground until 1887 where the first one was built in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Before kids in cities could go to playgrounds they played on curbs or in streets, a dangerous area. However, there were streets with little or no traffic that children sought out called “play streets.”

However, he does NOT seem to understand how to actually USE a slide!