Rock Star Boy Plays Too Rough With Guitar And Snaps It In Half

AFVPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

The star of this video is being quite silly with a guitar, bouncing around and pretending to play music.

Every little kid dreams of being a rock star, playing loud music and being famous…

While he goofs around, the boy goes through an array of rock star motions. He sings a song, sort of, and lightly strums the guitar strings. Then he proceeds to make a number of goofy noises and swings the guitar around. We are not sure what he was trying to mimic with his swings but it ends with him breaking the guitar in half from the base of the neck to where it attaches to the guitar body. Moving on, lets take a look at the history of the guitar. The modern word guitar was applied to a number of chordophones (an instrument that makes music by vibrating two strings stretched between two points including violins, sitars and pianos). Two instruments are considered the common ancestor of the guitar, the lute and the oud.

Sometimes they take that fantasy a little too far! I did NOT expect this kid to actually do that with his guitar!

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