Rollerblading Teen Fails Ramp Stunt And Lands On A Garbage Can

AFVPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

There is something about being a teenage boy that invites, nay demands, that you attempt to do stupid things, just because.

Despite not wearing a helmet or pads, this teen is going to try and pull off a rollerblade stunt…

There is a difference between attempting a stunt because you think you can do it and attempting a stunt because you know it will fail. Most kids on skateboards or rollerblades are trying to stunts because they want to accomplish a kickflip or even a relatively simple 360 spin on a halfpipe or off of a ramp. Then there are kids like the boys in this video that appear to have purposely set up their stunt to fail. For one thing, the ramp is not high or far enough away for the rollerblading kid to get enough air or length to actually get over the trashcan stacked on a cooler that he is attempting to leap. That said, he almost gets over it, so only a few inches of adjustments need to be made.

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