Bulldog Jumps Headfirst Into Teen Boy's Crotch

AFVPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

Playing with more than one dog at a time is an exercise trying to get the dogs to pay attention to you, otherwise, it is just you watching two dogs playing. Which, admittedly, is enjoyable in its own way.

A bundled-up teen is trying to play with his dogs who are wrestling around the backyard…

At first, this teen in his way-too large jeans and hoodie has the attention of the little puppy and is trying to throw a ball with him. But then a lumbering bulldog wanders over and the puppy decides that it is time to wrestle! In classic puppy fashion the little black and tan dog, possibly a German Shepherd puppy, starts to nip and paw at the bulldog. It takes a few bites but eventually the bulldog starts to wrestle back with the puppy. The two of them race around the yard chasing each other. The bulldog pulls a smooth turn and gets away from the puppy and runs straight back toward the teenager.

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