Dog Can’t Keep His Composure When He Sees Owner After Being Away For Two Weeks

Published April 3, 2018 442,772 Views $27.76 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs have been going buck-wild upon the return of their long-departed masters since long before we could post videos of their reunions online. As far as instant Internet “awws” go, videos of dogs whose owners have just returned home are some of the most reliably adorable and tear-inducing. Dog owners’ homecomings tend to be the most emotional - not only are the dogs and the owners overjoyed to see each other, the person holding the camera often gets choked up as they coo in baby-voice to the dog, “Who’s home? Who’s home?”

The dogs have varying reactions: Some bolt around in circles, with so much energy that they couldn’t possibly stay still. Others will climb and tackle the returning human as if they were holding a large steak. The impression we get, as observers, is always the same: The dogs are ecstatic that its owner has finally returned.

The moment a dog gets overly excited at the sight of its owner has been caught on camera. It’s an emotional reunion between this woman and her Golden Retriever and it is a precious moment to share. Video footage shows her walking into the garden of her home and being greeted by the family's very giddy retriever, which flops over after over-exerting itself barking.

The overjoyed canine is heard squealing manically as the girl kneels down to give it a hug. But it then starts rasping and rolls over on its back, seemingly consumed by joy. It is clear that the dog missed her while she was away and he has an exhilarating way of expressing his emotions. He is literally knocked off his feet.

Adult dogs will remember their masters for years after they depart. The way a dog bonds to its human caretaker is very strong. He thinks the person is part of his family or pack.