Fish attacks action camera

Published April 3, 2018 12 Views

Rumble Just as we are interested in watching fishes, it looks like some of them are equally intrigued by our presence. Check out this fish as it suddenly attacks the camera.
It was just another day of snorkeling in paradise with some surprise at the end. After getting married on beautiful Seychelles, we stayed a few more days to relax, enjoy and explore the islands. Seychelles is an archipelago and sovereign state in the Indian Ocean with, thanks to their location near the equator, warm temperatures throughout the year. First, we were on Mahe, and then we transferred to another island, in terms of size, the fourth largest granitic island of Seychelles, La Digue. It is the much smaller island with predominantly untouched nature and with some of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen. We spend most of our days enjoying the sun, tropical weather, and warm turquoise water. Snorkeling is one of the most interesting activity, and we especially enjoyed doing it on one of the most photographed beaches of the world - Anse Source d'Argent. The perfect combination of white sands and impressive granite rocks are making this site particularly unique. This video was taken on one of those snorkeling adventures. We were floating on the surface and watching the fishes in their natural habitat. Fishes are apparently very relaxed, and they keep doing their own business without even noticing we are there. That is all except one! That one fish was watching us, and it must have been very intrigued by our underwater action camera. She suddenly launched into it and then equally fast drow back. It was very unusual and definitely unexpected because the other fishes haven't even noticed us. Maybe she was drawn with the reflection of light from camera's lens, or she just wanted to tell us to keep our distance. I don't really know, but it was the first time, and so far the only time, that something like that ever happened to me.

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