"Christmas Present Prank: Boys Get Banana and Onion"

AFVViralsPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

"Everybody thinks that April Fool’s day is the only time of the year when you are allowed to prank your friends and family. Well, I beg to disagree! Christmas holidays are also the perfect opportunity to pull a few pranks here and there. If you have never heard of Christmas present pranks, beware the Christmas morning! In the meantime, you can watch this video. In the beginning, this video shows two little boys sitting next to the Christmas Tree. They are both holding a present each. They start unwrapping their gifts on mom’s command. Okay, go! They rip off the wrapping paper just to find out that one of them got a banana and the other an onion. You;'ve been pranked! The little boy who got a banana doesn’t seem too unhappy about it, but the boy with an onion is about to cry. You just have to see his disappointed face! Too funny for words!"

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